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This web site has been created to help all Instrument engineers to view,contact and correspond with Instrument vendors and to know the technical details on Instrumentation world. This web site was developed by the under signed, who is an Instrument Engineer,Graduated from from PSG College of Technology,Coimbatore,India is serving the world of Instrumentation for the past 3 1/2 decades. Suggestions are welcome to improve the site. I thank tripod for giving me an opportunity to use their web site for creating this web site.Please contact me at the email metioned below.


Instrument Engineer's Choice

Basics of Instruments: Basics of Instrumentation
Safety instrument System: Details on SIS
Standards: Web sites of standards Org and Magazines
Maintenance details: Web site on Maintenance
General Information: Web site of US/Kuwait/India/Canada
Fieldbus Information: Web site of Field Bus
Fiberoptics Information: Web site of Fiber optics
Network: Web site of Network and Protocol Details
Analysers: Web site of Analyser Tech Details
PLC: Programmable Logic controller Details
PROFIBUS: Profibus Details
SCADA: Scada Details
Aptronix: Fuzzy Logic Details
Projectcool: html,jawa langauge tutor
stars: html,jawa langauge tutor
Electrical Details: Electrical details and drop calculations
DCS Details: DCS Details and next page2
Cond Monitor: Condition Monitoring Sites page3
Control Valves: Control valve sites page4
PC fundamendals: PC Hardware/software
PC details and electronic links: Electronic links & PC.Details
SCADA Fundamendals: SCADA /RTU Funda details
CCC Details: Compressor Control Corporation Details
F&G Details: Fire & Gas sensor Details

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