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Industrial Control and 
Plant Automation
Company Home Pages

The Industrial Control and Plant Automation Company list contains home pages for companies and associations which are primarily involved in providing products and services for plant and process control and automation. This will encompass things such as PLC's, distributed control systems, loop controllers, sensors and final control devices, SCADA, MMI and device programming software, data aquisition devices and plant-wide networking systems and supplies.

For industrial companies with home pages on the Web, refer to Industrial Company Home Pages. The emphasis on the Industrial Company page is the manufacturing and process industries.

For companies involved with computing (both hardware and software), refer to Computer Related Company Home Pages. The Computing page is concerned primarily with office and home computing.

PLC's and Plant Automation Systems (DCS)

Activation, Inc. hydraulic and pneumatic industrial automation systems
Alfa Laval Automation controllers, PLCs, combined operator/control systems
Allen-Bradley Incorporated motor control, switchgear, PLC's
American Digital Corp supervisory systems, RTUs, PLCs, Front-End Processors, etc.
Cegelec Industrial Controls Ltd SCADA system, PLCs, variable speed drives
Control Systems International UCOS process autoamtion system
Control Technology Corporation controllers for servo, steppers, sensing, and I/O
Elsag Bailey Process Automation control systems and field instrumentation
Fisher-Rosemount Systems process management systems
The Foxboro Company instruments and systems for industrial process automation
Honeywell Inc. IAC TDC control systems and controllers
Indramat Div of Rexroth industrial automation, machine and motion controls
Industrial Controls Div of Williamsport Electric, Inc. PLC's, control panels
Johnson Yokogawa process automation systems and instrumentation
Modicon (AEG Schneider Automation) programmable controllers
Omron Electronics, Inc. factory automation equipment and control components
Opto 22 RTU's, signal conditioners, software
PLC Direct by Koyo, small PLC's
Siemens AG electronics and electrical equipment
Square D electrical distribution and factory automation products
Texas Instruments programmable controllers, industrial microprocessors

Communication, Data Acquisition and Signal Processing

Acces I/O Products analog and digital I/O pods
Action Instruments control instrumentation and I/O products
Advantech manufacturer of PC-based data acquisition and control products
Analog Devices analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing devices
Aromat Corporation electrical components, factory automation
Data Electronics self-contained data loggers
Electronic Systems Technology ESTeem wireless modems
Eurotherm Controls temperature and process controllers
Grayhill I/O modules and related products
GRE America spread-spectrum radio modems
GreenSpring Computers I/O modules and carrier boards
Keithley Instruments Inc. instruments and data acquisition
KineticSystems data acquisition systems, ADC and DAC modules, discrete I/O, etc.
Microstar Laboratories data acquisition products
National Instruments industrial and research instrumentation products
Onset Computer miniature data loggers
Phoenix Contact relay packages and terminals
Ritron Inc. radio communication and RF telemetry systems
Wieland Inc. signal conditioners

SCADA, MMI and Device Programming Software

AccessWare, Inc. modular industrial communication software
Axon Instruments data acquisition and analysis software
Ci Technologies makes of Citect SCADA/MMI software
Data I/O Corporation EDA software, device programmers, and handelers
Iconics, Inc. Genesis family of MMI and SCADA software
Intec Controls makers of Paragon TNT SCADA software
Intellution, Inc. The FIX and FIX BOS MMI and SCADA software
Intuitive Manufacturing Systems MRP9000 manufacturing control system
LABTECH data acquisition and control software
ONSPEC Automation Control Software supervisory control and monitoring software
PID, Inc. OpenBatch batch process control software
Rockwell Software MMI, Development Tools, logic programming
TA Engineering AIMAX SCADA/MMI software
TAL Technologies SoftwareWedge adds DA and control to any application
Taylor Industrial Software PLC programming software
U.S. Data FactoryLink control software
Wizdom Controls Inc. PARADYM-31 industrial control software
Wonderware In-Touch SCADA software

Operator Interfaces, Peripheral and Test Equipment

Black Box Corporation data communications, networking equipment
Datakey devices for access control, data security, EDI, and identification apps
Fluke Corporation electronic test equipment
Fowler Company instruments and test equipment
Intelligent Instrumentation d/a, bar codes, operator interface/control panels
Molex Incorporated connection systems, ribbon cable, switches
Seriplex Technology Organization bus to connect factory devices to control system or PC
Transcat calibration and test instruments

Industrial Grade Computers

Ann Arbor Technologies industrial computers using flat panel displays
CONTEC Microelectronics industrial PC's, data acquisition, I/O modules, software
Digital Dynamics industrial computers
Dolch Computers industrial grade portable computers
Industrial Computer Source industrial computers, chassis and peripherals
Pro-Tech industrial workstations
Texas Microsystems industrial PC's
Xycom industrial workstations
Ziatech Corporation manufacturer of STD 32 and CompactPCI industrial computers

Sensors and Analyzers

Analytical Specialties process analyzers
Auburn International, Inc. particulate flow monitors and mass flow meters
Banner Engineering photoelectric sensors
Bray Valve and Controls valve controls and monitors
Bussman over current protection
Cooper Intruments force and pressure measuring systems
COSA Instrument portable and continous hygrometers
Crossbow acceleration and tilt sensors
Danaher Controls motion control, counters, and Eagle Signal timers
Data Instruments pressure sensors and transducers
Davis Intruments process instrumentation
Endress+Hauser level, flow and pressure measurement
HyCal temperature, humidity and air quality sensors
Jay Instrument rep for controllers, PLC's, sensors, transmitters, etc.
Jewel Electrical Instyruments inclinometers
Kaman Instrumentation position sensors
KOBOLD Instruments flow, pressure, level, and temperature intrumentation
Lesman Instrument Company process instrumentation
Love Controls temperature and process control instruments
Magnetrol level controls, indicators and transmitters
Mensor Corp. pressure measuring and controlling instruments
 Mettler-Toledo, Inc. thermal analysis instrumentation
Micromeritics particle size and density measurement instruments
MicroStrain miniature displacement transducers
Milltronics Ltd. level and dry solids flow measurement devices
Motorola SENSEON pressure, acceleration and chemical sensors
Nonvolatile Electronics magnetic sensors
Omega Engineering, Inc. process measurement and control devices
Panametrics flow and level sensors and O2 moisture and combustion analyzers
Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. photoelectric sensors and proximity switches
Precision Navigation, Inc. magetic sensors, compasses, magnemometers
Proteus Industries flow switches, flow meters, flow sensors
PSI-Tronix pressure, displacement and velocity instrumentation
Red Lion Controls industrial indicators, controls, sensors, and accessories
RENCO Encoders manufacturer of rotary optical encoders
Rosemount Measurement process instrumentation
Span Instruments pressure monitoring and controlling instrumentation
Temp-Pro, Inc. temperature sensing products
Tescom Corporation pressure controllers and regulators
Trend Instruments industrial thermometers
United Electric Controls pressure and temperature intrumentation
Weed Instrument temperature sensors and transmitters
Wilcoxon Research accelerometers and velocity transducers
Yokogawa Corp. of America process instrumentation

Automation Resources

The Automation List mailing list for discussion of automation topics
Automation and Process Control Home Page
Azure's AutomationNET factory automation info
Instrument-Net instrumentation and control on-line directory for the UK


CompactPCI standard for PCI-based industrial computers
Fieldbus Foundation communication standard for instrumentation
HART Communication Protocol 4-20mA communication with field instruments
Industrial Computing Society computers in industry
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Instrument Society of America (ISA) control engineering society
PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer's Group industrial pc trade group
PLCopen world-wide association for PLC standardization
Profibus digital network communications protocol
WorldFIP organization working for Fieldbus spec and delivery of Fieldbus products


Automatic I.D. News automatic data capture technology
Control magazine for the process industries
Instrumentation & Automation News product news tabloid for the control industry
Instrumentation & Control Systems process control magazine
OPC Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) for process control
Sensors sensors, tranmitters and data acquisition
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